Remembering Debby Blumer

Debby Blumer

I first met Debby Blumer in 2002 around the time of the mid-term elections.  However I did not really get to know her until almost a year later when I discovered that she lived around the corner from my home.  I wanted to send her a letter on a particular subject and decided to deliver it in person.  She replied a few days later and agreed to discuss the matter with me and offered suggestions. Through the 2004 elections I saw the hard working individual we all came to know and respect deeply.

The last time I saw Debby was at the Framingham Victory 06 Field Office.  It was around 8:30PM on the night of October 12th.  I was leaving the phone bank having made my calls for the night, but Debby was still making calls as I left.  A fitting way to remember her: always working hard for us.

-Parwez Wahid

Dear Debby:

I am writing to say thanks because, candidly, I confess that I didn’t thank you enough when I had the chance. In the rush of daily living we sometimes forget to say thank you to those who are close to us.

On the civic front, thank you for serving our community for over thirty years at PTO, at Town Meeting, on the Finance Committee and at the State House. It is so admirable that you accomplished all of this while you nurtured your flourishing family of husband, children and grandchildren. Admirable also is the fact that you created and sustained a devoted following of friends and neighbors who felt treated as best friends whether you had known them for weeks or for decades.

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