Speech Balloons
Speech Balloon I by Gwendolyn Holbrow
Speech Balloon With Bubble by Gwendolyn Holbrow
Ingrown Speech Balloon by Gwendolyn Holbrow
Double Speech Balloon By Gwendolyn Holbrow
Speech Balloon Baby Talk by Gwendolyn Holbrow

Speech Balloon With Tonge by Gwendolyn Holbrow

Speech Balloon For Something Important Left Unsaid by Gwendolyn Holbrow

Speech Balloon With Ears by Gwendolyn Holbrow

Giving Dimension To The Intangible

So demanding and seductive is the world of matter that we tend to neglect, ignore, and even deny the existence of other realms. But the other worlds matter, although they are not matter. There are parallel dimensions of ideas and emotions, memories and desires, intentions and intuitions. Through this body of work, I seek to bridge their separations, taking intangibles like voice, breath and silence, and giving them solid form. Speech balloons and punctuation marks are traditional two-dimensional representations of thought and sound, breath and time. By carving and modeling in plaster, concrete, bronze, I explore how the material itself holds or contributes meaning, how it speaks or signifies, and how its form creates its content.